Now the corrosion protection is complete

19 January, 2024

The new barrel line not only adds capacity but also opportunities.

Zinc flake free of PFAS

7 December, 2023

Are you looking for PFAS-free surface treatments? Take a look!

Provexa Technology helps power plants produce more electricity

3 October, 2023

“Demand is increasing significantly,” says the company’s CEO Anders Skalsky

Great start for Provexa in Anderstorp

29 June, 2023

The factory, which treats the surface of plastics, invests in improved energy efficiency and larger volumes of goods

Provexa Technology invests in two new salt spray cabinets

21 February, 2023

Even though the cyclic tests are getting more common there are still some advantages with a salt spray test and a lot of standards are still referring to this as test method.

Meteor – protecting battery components from corrosion

15 March, 2021

Provexa Technology is starting a new R&D project

Provexa Earth® and Pluto® make Kinnegrip even more premium

18 February, 2021

Kinnegrip is a concept among hauliers across Europe. The company strengthens its position as a premium brand by using the surface treatments Provexa Earth® and Provexa Pluto®.

Not only the environment in focus when choosing Provexa Earth Black®

13 January, 2021

It was not just the environmental impact that motivated BraunAbility in Stenkullen, Gothenburg to switch from ED paint to Provexa Earth Black®.
– Of course the environment came into play, but just as important was that we got a surface treatment that is better, says buyer Johnny Bergholtz

The pandemic makes us reflect and become more climate conscious

4 December, 2020

The CEO of Provexa summarizes a very eventful 2020

Provexa Pluto®

The Graphene Project – Pluto Conductive

13 May, 2020

An electrically conductive graphene-based coating with corrosion resistance and defined friction properties

Surface technology adds functionality and durability to your product!

23 April, 2020

Latest news about Provexa’s surface technology

Provexa applies for world patent for innovative surface treatment

20 November, 2019

We work with great focus on sustainability and innovation and offer our customers the latest technology in surface treatment.

A world-unique invention

11 October, 2019

The standard of tomorrow!