Not only the environment in focus when choosing Provexa Earth Black®

13 January, 2021

It was not just the environmental impact that motivated BraunAbility in Stenkullen, Gothenburg to switch from ED paint to Provexa Earth Black®.
– Of course the environment came into play, but just as important was that we got a surface treatment that is better, says buyer Johnny Bergholtz

BraunAbility is a world-leading manufacturer of products used to adapt vehicles for people with disabilities. There are, for example, car seats that turns to help with entering a vehicle and equipment that moves the wheelchairs. In short, something that makes it possible for people to independently manage a vehicle. Manufacturing and assembly takes place in Stenkullen, close to Gothenburg city, Sweden. Until now, the metal parts have been painted black with ED.

Provexa Earth Black is better in every way!

Based on the requirements of BraunAbility, Provexa Earth Black® is as good or better in all respects compared to ED-coating. There are more reasons for this than the quality of the surface treatment. Other benefits reduce the total cost. The transition is not complete, but the goal is to transfer as much as possible from ED to Provexa Earth Black®.

Assembly is simplified and the quality is improved

By changing the surface treatment to Provexa Earth Black®, the assembly has been simplified and the quality improved. Earth Black gives a thinner layer of lacquer, which is especially important for threaded holes.

Provexa offers short lead times

BraunAbility delivers to dealers in 66 countries, who carry out the adaptations of the vehicles. In Stenkullen, there is an adaptation workshop for the local market. Although BraunAbility is a major player in its niche with 99 percent of exports, it is small in Gothenburg’s vehicle cluster. It can be difficult to take place with the surface treaters. Here we are one of the first users of the process, which gives us advantages such as short lead times, says Johnny.

Environmental awareness a bonus

Provexa Earth Black® met all the requirements, and that it is also a more environmentally friendly surface treatment came as a bonus, says Johnny Bergholtz. The fact that the layers become a little thinner was a prerequisite for being able to change the surface treatment on existing components. On the other hand, reconstructions may be needed, says Johnny.

BraunAbility’s vehicle adaptation products get better with Provexa Earth Black®. Photo: Janne Näsström