Provexa Technology helps power plants produce more electricity

3 October, 2023

“Demand is increasing significantly,” says the company’s CEO Anders Skalsky

Text: Janne Näsström

The difference between good and bad surface treatment is knowledge. That is what Provexa Technology AB offers.

– Demand is increasing significantly, says Provexa Technology’s CEO Anders Skalsky, who is also one of the consultants.

Since its inception in 1881, Provexa has worked with research and development, with the goal of creating its own chemical and galvanic surface treatments. It has resulted in a number of patented processes.

– When it turned out that our know-how is needed in a broader field, in 2019 we started a special technology company (Provexa Technology AB), Anders explains.

Today, operations are mainly carried out in three areas. These are consulting services, analysis & testing and research & development. In addition, demanding production takes place in the laboratory with technical gold and silver plating. The projects are run on behalf of customers, also in collaboration with universities and research institutes.

Some of the assignments come from the sister company Provexa Ytbehandling AB, which is the producing part of the group. Anders Skalsky emphasizes that the technology company works independently and is financed with its own revenues.

– Our task is to deliver results to our customers, i. e. our clients. We are just as happy to help the customer build their own factory as to deliver lab services in the form of, for example, gold and silver alloys, Anders points out.

Examples of ongoing assignments are efforts at power plants to reduce losses in electrical transmissions, to procure and commission a factory for black oxidation and to reduce internal losses in batteries for vehicles.

– In the projects, we see how important the surface treatment is for saving the earth’s resources. Just the work to reduce electrical losses in power plants makes more electricity available and thus in the long run lower prices for electricity, says Anders.

Demand for the company’s services is increasing. Growth is at Gazelle level with good profitability. In 2023, the increase in revenue is estimated to reach around 30 percent. More qualified employees are needed. Those interested can contact Anders Skalsky. He can offer more than a job. Surface technology at this level contributes to a sustainable world!