ED coating

ED coating (electrophoretic deposition coating) is a thin coat that has excellent coverage properties and corrosion protection

ED coating stands for electrophoretic deposition coating and as you can tell from the name it is applied with electricity. ED coating is a good corrosion protection with good adhesion properties for painting, which makes it commonly used as a primer to powder coating. In less exposed environments, ED can be used as a black topcoat. An ED coating with epoxy is sensitive to UV light and it is therefore recommended to use a painting layer on top if the parts will be exposed to UV light. For a successful ED coating, a rigorous pre-treatment is required in the form of, for example, degreasing, pickling, electric degreasing and phosphating.

Paintings are called organic surface treatments and they form a barrier layer on top of the surface. The barrier layer protects the surface by preventing dirt and other corrosive substances from coming in contact with the base material. Additionally, ED coating has also good coverage properties even on complex details and forms even layers. The layer thickness of ED coating is 20-35µm.

Some benefits with ED coating are:

  • Corrosion protection at relatively thin layers, due to the protective barrier layer;
  • It is possible to plate on multiple materials, such as steel and aluminum and on different pre-treatments such as phosphating, zinc and passivating layers;
  • Good chemical resistance to multiple substances;
  • Good adhesion and paintability, which makes it useful as a primer to powder coating;
  • Good coverage properties on complex constructions.

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Base material:
Aluminium, steel

Size constraints:
(Length x Width x Depth) mm
L2500 x W500 x D1200