Zinc flake free of PFAS

7 December, 2023

Are you looking for PFAS-free surface treatments? Take a look!

Already today, Provexa offers PFAS-free products, for both rack and barrel uses.

The issue of PFAS-substances in surface treatments and chemicals is becoming more common and our suppliers work hard to reduce these substances in their products. Here, Geomet® is at the forefront as there are already basecoats and topcoats completely free of these substances today.

Today, we offer the following PFAS-free surface treatments:

  • Geomet® 321
  • Geomet® 720
  • Topcoat Plus M

Interested in learning more about Geomet®?
Please contact Fredrik Revellé!

Fredrik Revellé
Business Area Manager ZnFlake

Email: fredrik.revelle@provexa.com
Phone: +46 31 361 47 81