Geoblack® (Zinc flake)

Geoblack® is a black topcoat used for coloring parts plated with Geomet® black.

Geomet® is a non-electrolytic, silver colored, zinc flake process used for corrosion protection on steel- and stainless steel parts. This surface treatment can also be obtained in black by treating with a black topcoat efter the plating, this is called Geoblack®.Read more about the process by clicking here.

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Our Geoblack®- processes

Plus M Black

Plus XL Black


Base material:
Steel, stainless steel

Size constraints:
(Length x Width x Depth) mm


ISO 10683

ISO 13858

ASTM F1136/F1136 M

ISO 20340

Tesla TM-0010F-M

Volvo car STD 5737,19

Volvo Trucks STD 121-0003

Volvo Trucks STD 121-0004

Volvo Trucks STD 121-0012

Volvo Trucks STD 121-0014

Scania STD 4165