Electroless nickel plating (autocatalytic)

Chemical nickel plating is a surface treatment method which uses a chemical process to apply a nickel coating on a part.

In electroless nickel plating, the nickel precipitates spontaneously on the product surface without any current. The process gives an even layer thickness that does not vary depending on the geometry of the part or high/low density areas as in the case with electroplating. The nickel layer contains phosphorus and there are different levels of phosphorus content with different properties. The target with electroless nickel plating is often corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, even layers and hardness.

Provexa can offer two types of electroless nickel plating process, medium phosphorus, and high phosphorus. Medium contains 6-9 % phosphor and high contains more than 10 % phosphor. Electroless nickel is often written NiP(x%) were the x marks the level of phosphorus in the process. The big differences between the types are the corrosion resistance and the hardness if the layer. High phosphorus electroless nickel is not magnetic. The processes can be offered in rack line or in a basket.

We can also offer electroplated nickel. Read more about that here.

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Our chemical nickel processes

Medium phosphorus

High phosphorus


Base material:
Aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper and copper alloys


SS-EN ISO 4527

2062 019-1