Zinc plating

Galvanisation, also called zinc plating, is one of the most common surface treatments on the market today.

Zinc plating is primarily used as corrosions protection, since it forms a cathodic layer which protects the steel. Zinc plating is available with different passivation which improves the corrosion protection. At Provexa we offer transparent-, yellow- (iridescent) and black passivation for zinc plating. To get even better corrosion protection, or control the friction, it is possible to use either post-dip or sealing as a post treatment of the layer.

There are two types of zinc plating processes that are used today, alkaline- or acidic zinc plating. Acidic zinc plating is primarily used for decorative purposes, whilst alkaline zinc plating is more common for other purposes. This due to that alkaline zinc plating gives a more even layer and therefore less spread in layer thickness. At Provexa we offer zinc plating with alkaline zinc.

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Our zinc plating processes

Transparent zinc plating

Yellow zinc plating

Black zinc plating


Base material:

Size constraints:
(Length x Width x Depth) mm
L3200 x W400 x D1200


ISO 2081

ISO 4042

DIN 50979