Geomet® (Zinc flake)

Geomet® is a non-electrolytically applied zinc flake coating with a silver finish.

Geomet® is used for corrosion protection on steel and cast-iron items. Geomet® is the only water-based zinc flake coating method. The unique process enables optimal friction control and corrosion protection.

Provexa Surface Technology AB is the only licence-holder in Scandinavia for the Geomet® chromium-free coating technology of N.O.F Metal Coatings Europe s.a.. This technology offers an environmentally friendly alternative to the coating or galvanizing of smaller metal products – using solvents, mechanically or via electro-plating – particularly for the automotive industry.

A zinc-aluminium laminated coating is applied in a fully automated production line. This ensures extremely high corrosion resistance at a low layer thickness. A second important advantage is that hydrogen brittleness cannot occur. We can describe a product as a Geomet® product once correct layers have been applied because only then is the required protection offered. Another layer, the top coat, allows the product’s friction coefficient to be efficiently regulated. This is extremely important for various applications.

The Geomet® procedure is chromium-free and as such meets the most recent EU guidelines.

Geomet® is PFAS-free.

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Our Geomet®- and Geoblack®- processes


Geomet® 321

Geomet® 500

Geomet® 720




Plus XL

Plus L

Plus VLh

Plus ML

Plus M

Plus M Black

Plus XL Black


Base material:
Steel, stainless steel


ISO 10683

ISO 13858

ASTM F1136/F1136 M

ISO 20340

Tesla TM-0010F-M

Volvo car STD 5737,19

Volvo Trucks STD 121-0003

Volvo Trucks STD 121-0004

Volvo Trucks STD 121-0012

Volvo Trucks STD 121-0014

Scania STD 4165