Powder coating

Powder coating provides increased corrosion protection and a durable surface that is available in different colors

Powder coating is a finishing process where a dry powder is applied to the surface of the metal goods that shall be plated. Afterwards the parts are cured in an oven to form a hard, durable, and protective layer. Tolerance-sensitive surfaces should be adjusted, or alternatively masked, before painting to maintain function, since a normal powder coat is between 80-120 µm.

Some advantages with powder coating are:

  • Powder coating are resistant to scratches, wear and tear, and has a long-lasting finish.
  • Corrosion resistance. The powder coat forms a barrier layer that protects the substrate underneath from corrosion.
  • Environmental impact. Compared to other coating processes, powder coating has the advantage of being free from solvents.
  • Powder coating are available in a lot of different colors, textures and glosses. This gives big opportunities for customization.
  • Powder coating is efficient and has little waste. It is also a process that is possible to automize which makes it a good choice for high volume production.

For successful coating results, the powder coating can be combined with one of more pre-treatment methods. Such as passivation, zinc, high-alloy zinc, phosphate and/or ED coating. Provexa offers all these pre-treatment methods in our production facility in Gothenburg.

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Base material:
Aluminium, steel, magnesium

Size constraints:
(Length x Width x Depth) mm
L2500 x W500 x D1200