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At Provexa, humanism is the foundation of leadership


“If we go back 40 years, employees were often seen as cogs in a large machinery. The focus was on the organization, business plans and budgeting. Since then, quality, delivery reliability and productivity have increased significantly, not least as a result of investments in Lean and new technology such as automation, robotization and digitization. From the debate one can be led to believe that employees are diminishing in importance. I don’t think that’s the case. Somewhere in the chain there are, and always have been, people. Their actions make a difference and create results. Provexa is living proof of that.”

– Anders Hultmark
Chairman of the Board of the Provexa Group


We focus on three keywords: Quality , Delivery and Communication. You may think that these are obvious, but they are necessary for success. All our co-workers know them by heart because they understand what happens if they forget them.

We have a flat hierarchy with short decision paths. Everyone takes responsibility, builds trust and manages expectation. We practice supportive leadership, which creates engagement, participation and accomplishment. And our employees mirror our leadership philosophy.


About 100 people work here at Provexa. Chemists, physicists and academics cooperate with operators, administrators and marketers. From one point of view, we’re very different. From another point of view, we have lots in common, and the combination provides results.

We are an attractive company to work for, not just for who we are, but also for what we can be. There is a pioneer spirit in the company, and many feels that the journey has just started. They perceive that what we are doing is one of the keys to a better world.

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    Staffan Marklund appointed CEO of Provexa Group starting December 11th 2023

    8 December, 2023

    He replaces Anders Hultmark, who remains Chairman of the Board

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    21 October, 2022

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    The Provexa group consists of two profitable, innovative companies with 100 employees and an annual turnover of 150 million SEK.


    "We dream about a sustainable world, where our contribution is world-leading surface technology."

    Our philosophy

    We are surface treatment experts. Not philosophers.

    At the core, we simply want to do a good job and have a clear conscience when we go home after work. But nothing is actually that simple.

    A large organisation needs goals and purpose. Co-workers must feel participation and pride. Clients must feel potential, and the society must feel trust. This demands an idea or a vision, so that the company and the brand stay on course.

    This is how we express our vision: “We dream about a sustainable world, where our contribution is world-leading surface technology.”


    The consensus today is that sustainability is the only way forward

    Serious companies are no longer looking for alternatives to green productions. An increasing number of companies say that if you can’t do it sustainably, it’s not worth doing. In this context, modern surface technology matters.

    It’s not just about offering a process that reduces emissions and hazardous chemicals. But the durability of the product itself is as important as an environmental benefit: the correct surface technology increases the life span of everything.

    Provexa has modernized its production plant to comply with recent directives and regulations. In many areas, we are doing better than regulations’ demands. We filter air and water, we have reduced electric power consumption by 20% while increasing revenue by 50%. We do our part, but we must emphasize that we make the biggest environmental benefits together with our customers.

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