Provexa Earth Black®

Provexa Earth Black® is basically a high-alloy Zinc. We have recreated the alloy of Zinc in nature, because we believe this to be the future in surface treatment, and an environmentally friendly alternative to Zinc-Nickel. An unbeatable rust protection completely free of nickel.

Provexa Earth Black® builds on the Provexa Earth® patent and offers an unbeatable corrosion protection with a visually pleasing black finish. The coat is UV-resistant, overpaintable and, with retained performance, is treated in thin layers to avoid the need for masking around threads and contact surfaces.

We gave the name Provexa Earth® to an innovation we thought was “as natural as it can be”. We also thought the benefits are gigantic. Reducing and eventually removeing the toxic metal Nickel from the world’s industrial processes, will result in almost all people feeling better.

Our process Provexa Earth® is basically a highly alloyed zinc. A nickel-free method that, among other things, protects against corrosion. The surface protection utilizes the natural oxidation processes that occur upon contact with the air. The result is great environmental benefits and properties that are better than traditional surface treatment such as Zinc-Nickel.

Provexa Earth® is already used today at our own line in our plant in Gothenburg. The process is patent-pending and licenses are now being sought by surface finishers around the world. “We live by our vision,” says innovator Anders Skalsky, who already has new ideas on their way to the market.


Basic Materials:

Size constraints:
(Length x Width x Depth) mm

L2500 x W500 x D1200