Provexa Earth Black®

Provexa Earth® is high-alloy zinc with a black top coat (polyurethane). Unbeatable corrosion protection, completely free of nickel

Provexa Earth Black® builds on the Provexa Earth® patent and offers unbeatable corrosion protection with a visually appealing black color. The coloring is UV-resistant, overpaintable and applied in thin layers to avoid the need for masking around, for example, threads and contact surfaces. A normal layer is between 12-20 µm.

Provexa Earth Black® is basically a high-alloy zinc. A nickel-free method that, among other things, protects against corrosion. The surface protection utilizes the natural oxidation processes that take place upon contact with air. The result is great environmental benefits and properties that are better than traditional surface treatment with zinc nickel.

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Basic Materials:

Size constraints:
(Length x Width x Depth) mm

L2500 x W500 x D1200