Copper plating

Copper is a noble metal with a wide range of uses. Electroplated copper can be used for technical as well as decorative purposes. When plating with copper, two different processes are used, acidic- and alkaline copper plating. The main differences between the methods are the color and the features.

Technical applications (alkaline copper) –
copper can be used as a lubricant on fasteners, as electrical conductor or barrier layer between substrates and electroplated layers. Copper can also be used as masking during hardening. A large area of usage for copper is also to get better adhesion on the base material before plating with another metal layer, for example when nickel plating zinc or casted materials.
Another area where copper is often used is to get a conductive layer on materials that otherwise are non-conductive, for example when you are metal plating plastics. Copper is therefore an important step in our Plating on Plastic facility in Anderstorp where we offer plating with matte nickel, semi-bright nickel, bright nickel and chrome.

Provexa offers both alkaline and acidic copper plating on most base materials. Contact us if you have questions about which method that is most suitable for your product!





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Base material:
Metals: Aluminium, zinc, steel, stainless steel, copper and copper alloy
Plastics: PP- and ABS- Plastic

Size constraints:
(Length x Width x Depth) mm
L2500 x W500 x D1200
Copper plating on plastic
L1800 x W500 x D1000



SS-EN ISO 4042