The pandemic makes us reflect and become more climate conscious

4 December, 2020

The CEO of Provexa summarizes a very eventful 2020

The spring of 2020 was not a pleasant experience for the Swedish industry. The industry closed due to the pandemic which had repercussions for us at Provexa. The decline was 20 percent during the first six months of 2020. However, it is turning around. Not only are existing customers increasing their volumes, Provexa is also taking on new business.

There are several reasons for the positive development. The most important thing is that every crisis leads to revaluations. Provexa has reviewed its organization. Our four business areas are now responsible for sales, which provides greater accuracy when doing business. Customers meet people who know our processes and focus on areas where Provexa offers added value. If the project is not right for us, we recommend a competitor. Our customers also review their organizations and routines. Many are in the automotive industry. The climate challenge and the rapid process of electrification lead to reconsideration in the choice of surface treatment.

Provexa is one of the few surface treaters that conducts its own R&D, in its sister company Provexa Technology AB. Over the years, there have been a number of patents. Our long-term investment in innovation means that we can solve customers’ problems and add value to their products. Add to this the fact that covid-19 means that many people have to think in new ways in order to reduce costs and become more competitive. The result is reflected in Provexa’s current order situation.

In the end, this is about something much more important. We only have one planet and are consuming its resources alarmingly fast. Surface treatment plays an increasingly important role, both through direct environmental impact and by contributing to products that stay within the boundaries of the ecosystem.

Anders Hultmark
Managing Director