Meteor – protecting battery components from corrosion

15 March, 2021

Provexa Technology is starting a new R&D project


Provexa Technology’s project Meteor has been granted research funding from Vinnova. We are happy that Vinnova believes in our project idea, which is based on real problems that the battery industry has today. The project shows, together with other development projects, how Provexa Technology continues its journey towards achieving the vision of a sustainable society by contributing with world-leading surface technology.

We want do develop an electrolytic coating process for contact plates in batteries with a nickel-iron alloy, possibly together with additional additives such as graphene. The coating should provide good corrosion protection, high ductility, low thermal expansion and at the same time be affordable. In this way we can help Swedish battery manufactures to meet the major problems they have today with their batteries rapidly losing capacity due to poor contact between surfaces, for example in screw connections.