Provexa Earth® and Pluto® make Kinnegrip even more premium

18 February, 2021

Kinnegrip is a concept among hauliers across Europe. The company strengthens its position as a premium brand by using the surface treatments Provexa Earth® and Provexa Pluto®.

Kinnegrip manufactures pillars and locking systems for dropsides and curtainside vehicles for light (LCV), heavy (HCV) and medium heavy (MHCV) vehicles. The products are a small but essential part of road safety.

– Pillars and locks are of great importance for securing the load, says Martin Karlsson, responsible for purchasing and production planning at Kinnegrip.

Corrosion protection is a must for premium products that are also important for road safety. Previously, the products were painted at the factory in Lidköping.

– We felt that our own painting was not optimal and started looking for alternatives that could further increase our quality, says Martin.

The search led to Provexa, who offered a cost-effective two-step treatment without the need for re-hanging. First, a corrosion protection with two patented and environmentally friendly methods: Provexa Earth® and on top of that, Provexa Pluto®. Environmental performance was an important part of the decision and at the same time, the surface became better and more attractive than the previous paint.

Kinnegrip has done the first tests with an external party and the results exceed expectations.

– Our customers are builders who sell to hauliers, says Martin. The hauliers in turn paint on a top layer in the right RAL color. Our role is to deliver good protection against corrosion and good substrate for the final paint, requirements that Provexa meet very well, Martin explains.

Manufacturers who deliver through distributors often become anonymous to the end customer. But in this case, “Kinnegripers” has become a concept at both Swedish and foreign hauliers when they want a premium solution for the pillars on their trailers.

For a premium brand, it is important to be one step ahead of the competition and constantly develop their products. That is why Kinnegrip chose Provexa Earth® and Pluto®, says Martin Karlsson.

Photo: Janne Näsström