Now the corrosion protection is complete

19 January, 2024

The new barrel line not only adds capacity but also opportunities.

Text and photo: Janne Näsström

Last year’s big investment, a new robotic barrel line for Geomet®, is starting to pay dividends.

– Volumes are increasing, but it has taken time for volume customers to change their purchasing routines. The quality and delivery precision are high, which means that we have very satisfied customers, says Fredrik Revelle, head of Provexa’s ZnFlake business area.

The barrel line not only adds capacity but also opportunities. Geomet® is a trademark of the NOF Metal Coatings and the treatments may only be performed by approved licensees. Provexa is the only licensed surface treatment in the Nordics, but the license has previously been limited to certain treatments.

– Now we are approved for NOF’s entire program, including topcoats, says Fredrik.

The fact that the large volumes do not arrive all at once has had positive effects. It is about a complicated facility with two robots that unload and load the process. The line has been able to be driven in without stress. The result is super quality!

The barrel line for Geomet® was inaugurated last year.
The capacity and possibilities increased considerably.

The business area also offers zinc treatment, Gleitmo products and passivation on stainless steel. Volumes are increasing, among other things, depending on orders from the defense industry, but other industries are also increasing, which more than offsets the decline in the construction sector. Our own new delivery truck, which collects and leaves goods at predetermined times, is also appreciated by customers and leads to increased volumes.

– The capacity in zinc line has been increased by adding a conveyor and employing two new employees who work in two shifts, says Fredrik.

The combination of zinc treatments and Geomet® and the Protection & Paints business area’s surface treatments means that Provexa always has corrosion protection at the right level for different environments. Indoors, zinc is the most cost-effective, outdoors, for example, Geomet® provides very good protection against corrosion. It is a zinc flake treatment that does not cause hydrogen embrittlement and has good environmental performance.

Business Area ZnFlake has a strong belief in the future of being able to continue growing. We have the highest quality and short lead times, which customers appreciate, says Fredrik. In addition, the Zinkline can add a third shift, the Geomet® barrel line is revving up and expansion is planned that will free up more space for the Business Area for new exciting investments.

Interested in learning more about Geomet®?
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Fredrik Revellé
Business Area Manager ZnFlake

Phone: +46 31 361 47 81