Increased capacity in Provexa’s Zinkline

8 December, 2022

Provexa has made big changes in business area ZnFlake during the year. New management in the business area, a brand new bulk line for plating with Geomet® and now increased capacity in the zinc plating line!

The processes in the zinc line are, like before, alkaline zinc plating with clear-, yellow- or black passivation. We also offer post dip and sealing for increased corrosion protection.

The big changes are in other words not in the processes in the line, but in the capacity! Laser guided robotics and a third robot in place means that the output will increase from four to six racks per hour! The process baths have high capacity and the dimensions are 3200x1200x500mm.

The changes have lowered the lead times on the zinc line at Provexa to under 72 hours from when the goods arrives until it leaves the building. To offer our customers a complete solution, we also offer packing and direct delivery to the end customers.


Do you have questions about zinc plating? Please contact Fredrik Revellé on the contact information below.

Fredrik Revellé
Business Area Manager ZnFlake

Phone: +46 31 361 47 81
Mobile: +46 73 255 50 56