The new bulk line produces one ton goods per hour

31 March, 2023

Provexa have invested in the most modern bulk line in Europe for plating with Geomet®.

The production started during fall 2022 and the capacity compared to the earlier line was quadrupled. The demand exists and more goods are coming, but the high capacity makes us able to receive a lot more and still keep the lead times for our customers short.

– At the same time we are able to offer more options for our customers, says Fredrik Revellé, business are manager for business area ZnFlake.

The earlier line had the capacity to produce 250 kg finished goods per hour. The capacity in the new line is 100 kg which lowers the price per kg at higher volumes and makes Geomet® a competitive alternative for even more products.

This is the first facility of its kind in Europe, were the goods is handled by robots, which gives shorter lead times and a better working environment for the staff.

– The goods is also placed in smaller and different barrels compared to earlier, which makes it possible to plate more product types with Geomet®, says Fredrik Revellé, and mentions wood screws as an example.

It is also possible to control the friction with different top coats in the new line. In parallel to the bulk line there is also a rack line for Geomet® which runs in three shifts. This gives the customers more opportunities and the right plating method for the demands of the product.

Geomet® is a patented method, where only licensed surface treaters are allowed to use the process. An important reason for choosing Geomet® is that it does note cause hydrogen embrittlement, says Fredrik.

Other advantages to the method is that it has high resilience towards mechanical impact and the fluids that occurs in vehicles. Geomet® is also elastic and stays on springs, clamps and similar products. The surface treatment process can withstand temperatures for up to 300 °C without effecting the mechanical properties and has limited electrical conductivity which makes it possible to apply powder coating over the corrosion protective layer.

In business are ZnFlake there is also a rack line for zinc plating. Zinc plating is the most common plating method for corrosion protection. The plating process can be supplemented with colored passivations, sealing and post-dip for increased corrosion resistance and friction control.

– The zinc line has high demand, runs in three shifts with short lead times and high quality, says Fredrik Revellé.

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Fredrik Revellé
Business Area Manager ZnFlake

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