Lab services & special production

Special production

Sometimes the demands are unique, the job may be a one-time job, or the job may require extraordinary quality assurance, handling, or validation. In these cases, we can offer special production organized by our laboratory. Special production at our laboratory has three production lines: One automated line with 300 liter processing vat. One line for plating with gold and silver with 25 liter processing vat. The third is a flexible line with 5-10 liter processing vat for temporary production.


We also offer test, analysis and consultancy services to OEM companies, surface treatment companies, research institutes and other customers. At the end of the test period, we deliver a detailed report with images from the testing period where we also can include recommendations for measures regarding construction and surface treatment. Our corrosion test methods are:

  • Cyclic testing ACT – Accelerated corrosion testing
  • Outdoor testing – weather- and scab test
  • Salt spray test
  • o NSS – Neutral salt spray test
    o AASS – Acetic acid salt spray test
    o CASS – Copper-accelerated salt spray test
  • Testing with thermal cycling in an environmental climate chamber