Riboverken chose Provexa

22 January, 2019

Peter Olesen at the subcontractor Riboverken takes his time thinking about how Provexa could improve. ”Tricky question. They could lower our prices a bit… but seriously, we use them because we’re happy customers. And they have become even better lately.”

How did that happen?

Peter Olesen: “I think it was because of Scania. When Scania entered our other processes, Provexa became even more professional. They had to shift gears. Automotive is a demanding business.”

What distinguishes Provexa from the rest of the industry?

Peter Olesen: “My impression is that Provexa has the broadest competence on the market. They know many different coating processes, and that means that you can consult them in many different contexts. That’s a huge advantage.”

Riboverken is a client that used the Earth® technology for powder coating

That was great! We saved money and the environment at the same time!

–Peter Olesen