Provexa invests 30 MSEK to meet increased demand!

15 September, 2022

This means that we are preparing for increased capacity from today’s 140 MSEK to 200 MSEK in 2024

Provexa is one of few companies in the industry that offers their customers both surface treatment and technology development. To meet the increasing demand of new surface treatments and existing processes we will carry out the following investments and rebuilds.

  • Provexa is building a new barrel line for plating with Geomet®. The new barrel line will have four time the capacity, improved quality and increased process range. It will be the most modern barrel line in Europe, with new robotics which fundamentally changes the way to plate.
  • Our combiline will be expanded to the double capacity, add new processes and improve logistics. Our target is to also decrease energy demand and increase efficiency on the line.
  • To carry through the expansion of the combiline, we will close the E2-line were we today have the processes Provexa Earth Black®, Pluto® and ED coating. Two unique, very well-functioning surface treatments, which during prevailing high energy costs cannot be run with profit. Parts of the goods from the E2-line will be moved to E1-line, where we will continue to plate with phosphating, Provexa Earth® (high-alloyed zinc) and ED coating.
  • Due to higher demand for plating on plastics, we will increase efficiency in our plant in Anderstorp. We will also invest in new roofs and a new modern heat exchanger with the target to decrease energy consumption with 50%.

Above changes means that we prepare the Provexa group for new surface treatments and increased capacity, from 140 MSEK today to 200 MSEK in 2024.



If you have questions regarding this, please contact:

Porträttbild Daniel Hedling

Daniel Hedling
CEO Provexa Ytbehandling AB
Tel: +46 31 430 791

Porträttbild Daniel Hedling

Kristoffer Skalsky
Marketing manager Provexa Surface Technology AB
Tel: +46 31 430 799