Provexa aims for even shorter lead times!

9 January, 2023

Even shorter lead times. That is the goal for business area Protection & Paint.
– The goal is five days, says business area manager Eric Hultmark.

Provexa’s Business area Protection & Paint includes pretreatments and three processes. These are Provexa Earth®, ED coating and powder coating. Distinctive features are short lead times, first-class corrosion protection and the possibility of decorative surfaces.

Provexa Earth®
Provexa Earth® is a proprietary process based on high-alloyed zinc. By utilizing natural oxidation processes, the result is a more environmentally friendly process, with better corrosion resistance than traditional zinc or zinc-nickel.

ED stands for Electro deposition. The coating is applied with current and further improves the corrosion protection, at the same time as it improves the adhesion for the top coat. in less demanding environments, ED coating can also be used as a black top coat.

Powder coating
Powder coating does not require any further introduction. It is a high class top layer that is available in a number of colors, at the same time as the surface is enduring and improves the corrosion protection.

Provexa has all these steps, Provexa Earth®, ED coating and powder coating, in lines that are part of a well-thought-out production flow. In come untreated metal parts and out completely treated products, ready to mount on, for example, vehicles.
– We have high occupancy and now it is about shortening the lead times even further, says Eric. The more efficient the flow is, the more competitive business area Protection & Paint will become, says Eric.

Faster delivery to the customer
Eric points out the delivery reliability and lead time measure different things. Delivery reliability is about the customer receiving delivery according to the agreement, often right into their production according to the delivery plan. Lead times are the time that the physical goods are in our factory. The shorter lead times, the faster customers receive the goods! It is worth pointing out that the processes within business area Protection & Paint are suitable for various basic materials such as steel, aluminum and magnesium.

Facts Protection & Paint
Business area Protection & Paint offers outstanding corrosion protection through a market-leading paint system with the possibility of color customization! The processes offered are Provexa Earth® (high alloy zinc), ED-coating and powder coating.