Provexa acquires Plating on Plastic in Anderstorp

10 February, 2022

This acquisition enables Provexa to enter the plastic world

Since February 9th 2022, production has resumed at Plating on Plastic in Anderstorp, Sweden. The unit has been incorporated as a business area in Provexa Ytbehandling AB.

This acquisition enables Provexa to enter the plastic world. In Anderstorp, we will deliver chemical and electrolytic surface treatment of plastic for both decorative and functional purposes.

Our vision: “We dream about a sustainable world, where our contribution is world-leading surface technology” is equally applicable regardless of whether we treat aluminum, steel, magnesium or plastic. We also have aspirations to develop new processes for surface treatment on plastic.

We are driven by our key words –Quality, Delivery Security and Communication- and are looking forward to meeting and delivering to both new and old customers! The staff in Anderstorp has great experience and solid knowledge of surface treatment on plastic.

“We are thrilled about this acquisition! We welcome all employees to our organization. It will be very fun to expand the organization and broaden our offering”, says Anton Karlsson, CEO of Provexa Ytbehandling AB.

The Provexa concern has annual sales of SEK 130 million and performs surface treatment services. The company is behind new patented ideas such as Provexa EARTH® and Provexa PLUTO®, groundbreaking surface technology that in one fell swoop changes the picture of what is possible to do with surface treatment. We have adapted production to new times and requirements. It is about offering surface treatment and surface technology that provides the right function, protection and durability.

Its subsidiary includes Provexa Technology AB, which conducts research, development and testing in surface technology as well as technically advanced surface treatment with precious metals.