More focus on the customer without a sales department

26 May, 2021

Provexa no longer has a sales department. “The responsibility has been delegated to the managers of each business area,” says CEO Anders Hultmark.

Provexa consists of four business areas, of which one is an independent company for research and development, Provexa Technology AB. The other business areas are: Galvano, ZnFlake and Protection & Paint.

The responsibility for sales lies with each respective Business Area Manager, who knows their processes and who efficiently connects them with the needs of customers. This provides better quality in the sales process, than salespeople who collect orders and hope that production will handle it.

– We will only take orders where we can offer the customer added value in the form of quality, function and delivery security. If the assignment does not suit us, it is better that it goes to someone who has the right qualifications, Anders states.

What previously was sales visits, will be meetings where Provexa and the customer together solve problems. Today often digitally via Teams.

– An efficient process, which means that clients get closer to the real competence. This gives the client security in the form of proper quality, at the right time, at the correct price, says CEO Anders Hultmark.

The fact that each business area is responsible for its own sales may involve a risk of internal competition. However, since everyone has to focus on their area of ​​expertise and pass on other projects, the right solution is often in house.

The business area managers gathered. From left: Anders Skalsky, Provexa Technology AB, Daniel Hedling, ZnFlake, Oscar Hultmark, Galvano, and Anton Karlsson, Protection & Paint. Photo: Janne Näsström