Increased capacity in the production at Provexa Technology!

16 March, 2023

At Provexa Technology two new tanks for plating with electroless nickel is being installed.

This will increase the capacity as well as give us the opportunity to have two electroless nickel processes running at the same time. At Provexa Technology we offer plating with medium- and high phosphorus electroless nickel as well as some special autocatalytic nickel processes. We offer plating in rack, basket or barrel.  

This will also increase the capacity of the gold plating since a large part of the gold plating uses electroless nickel plating as a barrier layer underneath the gold. When plating with electroless nickel, cleaning and maintenance of the tanks is an important aspect. In the new system with double tanks, there will not be necessary to stop the production entirely for maintenance. There will still be possible to produce in one of the tanks.  

The increased capacity will give us to shorter lead times, and therefore the possibility to give our customers better service.  



Information about electroless nickel plating
In electroless nickel plating, the nickel precipitates spontaneously on the product surface without any current. The process gives an even layer thickness that does not vary depending on the geometry of the part or high/low density areas as in the case with electroplating. The nickel layer contains phosphorus and there are different levels of phosphorus content with different properties. The target with electroless nickel plating is often corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, even layers and hardness. 

Provexa can offer two types of electroless nickel plating process, medium phosphorus, and high phosphorus. Medium contains 6-9 % phosphor and high contains more than 10 % phosphor. Electroless nickel is often written NiP(x%) were the x marks the level of phosphorus in the process. The big differences between the types are the corrosion resistance and the hardness if the layer. High phosphorus electroless nickel is not magnetic. The processes can be offered in rack line or in a basket. 

Do you have questions about electroless nickel plating? Please contact Fredrik Stewart on the information below.  

Do you have questions?
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