Corrosion happens because all metals wants to return to its natural state. Every year, huge values are destroyed because of corrosion. It is therefore important to consider the coating technology in construction and material choice.

What is corrosion?
Corrosion is the common name for all unwanted material destruction caused by surface deterioration. Metal corrosion results in discolouration and can change the strength and other properties of the material. Corrosion happens because the metal reacts to the surrounding medium.

There are two types of corrosion reactions: chemical reactions and electrochemical reactions.

Provexa Earth Black®

Provexa Earth Black® is basically a high-alloy Zinc. We have recreated the alloy of Zinc in nature, because we believe this to be the future in surface treatment, and an environmentally friendly alternative to Zinc-Nickel. An unbeatable rust protection completely free of nickel.