Eboss chose Provexa

1 February, 2019

Eboss is in the county Småland, known for its thrift spirit, not far from Gnosjö. “We know how to appreciate value for money,” Thomas Eliasson says when we interview him about the cooperation with Provexa.

Thomas: “I can’t remember exactly when we started our cooperation, but it was probably more than 10 years ago, in conjunction to a huge assignment for ABB. We had the impression that Provexa knew silver and tin coating processes, and it proved to be right. Otherwise we would not have remained customers today, 10 years later.”

Provexa has grown and reorganised in later years. Have you and Eboss noticed?

Thomas: “Oh yes, we have noticed that things have changed at Provexa. I would say that their way of working is more structured now. But that’s great, as long as we feel that they can still be there for us when time is short. That’s important for us.”

Pluto® and Earth® are two new coating processes that Provexa has recently introduced to the industry.

Thomas: “We have not had the reason to look at them yet. But it proves to me that Provexa is a leading edge company. In the future, they’re probably as much into research and development as they are into coating.