Daniel Hedling becomes Provexa’s new CEO!

11 July, 2022

Daniel Hedling will take over as CEO of Provexa Ytbehandling AB the 1st of August

Daniel started in March 2013 at Provexa as a quality and environmental manager. Since 2016, he has been Business Area Manager for ZnFlake – a business area that made financial losses at the start, but which over the past 5 years has shown good profitability. ZnFlake has had a high staff presence and good well-being. Overall, Daniel’s contribution to Provexa has been very good, so it feels natural to appoint him as CEO of Provexa Ytbehandling AB. His predecessor Anders Hultmark will in future be Head of the Provexa Group and Chairman of the Board of the parent company Provexa Surface Technology AB.


Porträttbild Daniel Hedling

Daniel Hedling, CEO Provexa Ytbehandling AB from the 1st of August 2022