Business area ZnFlake changes management

9 September, 2022

Fredrik Revellé takes over from Daniel Hedling as business area manager for ZnFlake

From August 1st this year, Fredrik Revellé has taken over as business area manager for ZnFlake after Daniel Hedling, who became CEO of Provexa Ytbehandling AB. Fredrik has worked with surface treatment and primarily with zinc flake since 1999. He has worked within Provexa since 2010 and has been part of the business area management for ZnFlake since 2018.

Business area ZnFlake also changes in other ways. Eide Olsson becomes deputy business area manager and responsible for quality. Eide has been part of the business area since 2016 and he also has many years of experience working with surface treatments within the ZnFlake business area.

Alongside Fredrik and Eide, Colin Revelle and Villiam Hedling take up new positions. Both come from other positions within Provexa. Colin will work with quality and production planning and Villiam as production engineer.

All the people at ZnFlake have extensive experience in surface treatment and they will continue to work with quality, lead time and communication, which are our most important keywords for success. All so that our customers will receive the best service possible and feel secure in handing over their details to us for surface treatment.

If you have any questions, please contact Fredrik Revellé:

Fredrik Revellé
Business Area Manager ZnFlake

Phone: +46 31 361 47 81
Mobile: +46 73 255 50 56